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San Antonio Dog Training Club
Meeting Minutes


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To keep all our members informed, we'll create pages like this one for the minutes of our meetings. We'll change the title of each of these pages to reflect the date of the meeting.

We might use a format similar to this one for meeting minutes.

February 22 Meeting Minutes

Minutes taken by Linore Cleveland.

Agenda Items

Item 1

Item 2


Kevin Stone opened the meeting by welcoming ?????? to our club. He then initiated a discussion about the current state of the club's finances. As our reserves for upcoming events is a ????????, the consensus was to hold another fund raiser of some sort before the ?????? meeting. ???????? will be looking into different types of fund raisers, and will hold an informational meeting in two weeks (TBA).


Here we might include a list of links to previous meeting minutes, perhaps with a list of the agenda items covered in each.

In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.