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Links to sites of special interest to our members.

An Animal Trainer's Intro to Operant Conditioning Stacy Braslau-Schneck's explanations of operant conditioning - necessary background info for all of us teaching clicker classes.

Click-L Home Page Home for the Click-L List, clicker training links, etc.

Clicker Petstore Clicker training items and books (Sunshine Books)

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ClickerSolutions Home page for ClickerSolutions E-Group; also contains links to great training articles, etc.

Corally Burmaster's Clicker Site Corally is a top clicker trainer from Virginia

Gary Wilkes' Home Page Clicker Trainer, writes occasionally for Front & Finish.

Marian Breland Bailey Ph.D. & Bob Bailey Students of BF Skinner who applied behavior theory to animal training.

Pointers to Clicker Training sites a collection of pointers to clicker training sites.

Dr. P's Dog Training & Behavior Page Virtual library of info about dog training & behavior (includes Clicker Training & other methods)

Earthdogs! Site for the thing terriers were really created to do!

Front & Finish THE Obedience Newsletter on the Web!

Clean Run THE Agility Magazine (Show info, Store, Links)

Dog.Com A site with everything: links, shopping, breed info.

Dogpatch Another general dog site with lots of info.

Dogwise Dog books on every topic.

J & J Dog Supplies Shop 'til you drop.

MB-F Home Page Enter a show, dog show links, etc.

Onofrio Dog Shows Enter a show, check results, etc.

UK (United Kingdom) Kennel Club The Kennel Club across the pond.

United Kennel Club The OTHER Kennel Club.